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Monthly Archives: January 2010

With Prose, Poetry and illustrations accompany Steve on his inner journey of Self discovery, as he struggles to reunite his thoughts and feelings.

After suffering years of depression and anxiety, which I managed with great pain to suppress, and later with the aid of drugs (Valium) and alcohol, I finally succumb to the inevitable breakdown. I was admitted to the Ingrebourne Psychotherapy Centre in Hornchurch, Essex. Full of despair, fear and anger I feared for my life or sanity, but it was here that my life changed; finding people that understood.

The type of therapy at Ingrebourne was like returning to childhood finding reasons for depression and anxiety. Discovering poetry there was a means of release for my blocked and pent up emotions. Sharing my problems with people that understood with similar traumas of their own became the sparks that got me going, to feel alive again. I would like my book to ignite the sparks into people suffering as I once did, It is one of the reasons I put pen to paper.