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Whilst recovering from his addiction to alcohol and valium, Steve began to put his thoughts and feelings into writing, encouraged by “Ingrebourne,” the psychotherapy centre at his disposal.

Drama, arts, literature, sports and group therapy were all available as  a means to rediscover himself and accept who he really was. For Steve and other residents of the centre it was the start of a very deep and painful journey of discovery.

After spending nearly sixteen months at  Ingrebourne Steve returned to his normal life and family  ( who had thankfully stood by him ) still capturing his emotions, thoughts and experiences with the written word.

Becoming a more giving person he was able to encourage and guide his children, be grateful that his sensitivity enabled him to be a creative and loving human being.

Steve also discovered his spirituality (though not in a way he would have imagined) which allowed him to search deeper into his own psyche

Having collected this wealth of material the book became inevitable, as with his words, Steve felt a need to ignite a spark inside those suffering from this emotionally crippling illness, and to find the courage to embark on their own inner journey, because someone once gave him that spark, making him realize that he wasn’t so alone with this desperately lonely malaise.

Now take that journey with Steve through his mind and recovery, as he tells it with inspirational poetry and prose.

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